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Estate Sales and Tag Sales

Estate Group is the leader in estate sales and tag sales for the Greater Columbus area since 2003.  We have worked with over 400 clients and are experts in pricing, setup and execution of estate sales and tag sales.  We also have additional services for selling contents.

We maximize the return of value to our clients by:

  1. Setting the right price – our estate sale team leader is a certified appraiser with the Franklin County Courts and has over 25 years pricing for tag sales and estate sales.
  2. Attracting customers – the key to any sale is the ability to attract customers to purchase items.  Estate Group uses an extensive list of past customers, online advertising and advertising in newspapers.  All of the advertising fees are included in our fee structure.
  3. Running the sale – with over 25 years of experience, the Estate Group Estate Sales Team understands how to set-up and effectively run estate sales and tag sales.
  4. Cleaning Up – after the sale, Estate Group can handle the complete home cleanout proccess that will leave the residence empty and ready to turn over to a real estate agent or a new home buyer.


Contact us today to discuss your estate sale or tag sale.